Adult Ministries


Riverside's Sunday school classes meet at 9:30 am Sunday mornings and follow an ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) format. They include casual fellowship around coffee and snacks, group announcements, prayer and care time. Interactive Bible study is a core element at ABF meetings. Groups will also do periodic social activities and service projects. We encourage you to visit one of the ABF's where you can connect and grow with other believers.

"Peace Makers"

Our emphasis is on the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the foundation for true peacemaking. Discussions of resolving conflict in the family, church and workplace will be studied. We will show that conflicts are often rooted in the desires of the heart. Using the example of Jesus we will demonstrate that as an intermediary that we can use conflicts to bring glory to God and hope for change in undesirable situations. Using conflict we will demonstrate how to understand and practice forgiveness by learning from the maser Peacemaker, Jesus!

This class is taught by John Harlan.


We are offering a new class that will take a detailed look at what our Salvation is about from A to Z. We are to work our salvation out with fear and trembling! What does that mean and look like?

The class will be teaching with power point and much discussion. No questions will be overlooked or avoided. Your views and understanding will be able to be shared, discussed and compared with what the Scriptures tell us about our salvation  No rush! Young and Senior adults are invited to this class. Let's take a look at our salvation and learn how it should play out in the lifetime our Lord has allowed each of us. 

This class will be taught by Walt Malick


Jesus in the Old Testamentt

This class is open to all ages to meet for an in-depth study of the Bible. Description:

We are studying the Gospels to see how Jesus interacts with the disciples and they with Him and each
other so we can learn how to develop intimate relationships with the Lord and with each other
according to the vision statement of Riverside. We believe that a 21st century 'believer' is
also a 'disciple' and so what Jesus did with the Twelve applies to us today.

This class is taught by Doug Olsen.


On the last Sunday every month, all ABF groups unite together in the sanctuary to

watch and openly discuss the topic. In this video blog series, U.S. Alliance President John

Stumbo unpacks issues God has been nurturing in his heart and mind. The blog is meant

to initiate fruitful dialogue on topics important to our growth as Jesus followers and to

our mission as a Christ-centered, Acts 1:8 family.

Deciding which ABF you want to connect and grow with? We welcome you to come this Sunday and experience one of them first-hand.